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Women & Religion

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Religiously motivated cruelty

Forced marriage

Rape and Murder



Identity Theft



Lack of Freedom

and autonomy


prejudice & discrimination

dependency & subjugation







Sexual Coercion

Abuse & Violence

Trafficking for work & sex

Stigma & Prudery


inequality, oppression

Low pay, & pensions


Deaths from HIV/AIDS


Female Genital Mutilation


 Execution for adultery


Abandoned children

accused of

'witchcraft in Africa'


Opposition to:-


 Reproductive rights




Condom use


Safe abortion


A  figment of the male imagination - just a bit of fun? 

The History -  Backlash Against Women

Starting from the premise that the world should be ruled and dominated by the  male 'educated' elites - preferably white 'educated' men it follows that there must be a strategy to ensure this.

Not planned round a bonfire, castle or boardroom table by a small clique of conspirators, but developed over centuries by a natural constituency of interested parties.

The starting point was the advantage of physical strength, and the worship of physical strength is still very much in evidence today.

In order to prosper,  male, political and religious  ruling elites must promote and use devices designed to divide and rule the populace.

They use fear of violence, poverty - the law & penal system, religion, sexism and racism, competition & co-operation and (uncritical) 'education' and an academic elite.

The struggle against oppressive, exploitative, aggressive domination of human societies by the privileged elites continues today against the current phase of selfish, global capitalism and their coercive methods..

The campaigns to counter these weapons are  Socialism, Cooperativism, Feminism, Anti-Racism, Secularism and Peace Activism

We are all part of the same struggle for equality, autonomy and freedom consistent with the public good and struggles are inextricably linked

Sexism  is one of the most pernicious and wasteful and longstanding  effects of male elitism and Feminism is one of the most important campaigns.

Where might we be had women not been systematically excluded from education, academia, the professions, science, administration and government based on evidence based decision making? Link



The Pansy is the symbol of  Freethought from the French Pensee - 'to think'-  and  green white and purple were the colours of the Women's suffrage movement



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How is promoting only abstinence going to stop the spread of AIDS, especially when much of it is spread through trafficking and prostitution?







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community activism


Writers and Campaigners

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Demonstrate and Lobby

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Lead peace activists


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Million Women March


create and perform

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Women matter




Back to the wall



Women & Religion

Selected Feminist Videos